Summary of Current Solar Activity
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Location of Active Regions [Key]
(25-Jul-2014 03:00)
Context Image
(SolarMonitor – No Data)

Plot of Flare Locations
(On a context image)

AR Synoptic Plot: STEREO and Earth views

Coronagraph Movie   (SOHO + GOES SXR)
Available images, last 24 hours; optionally adjust time range

GOES X-rays and Protons
Extract of 4panel of X-rays & Protons
This page is being maintained and updated by the HELIO project.
It is based on a page that was created as part of the SOARS project.

(Active Region locations from NOAA/SWPC; Flare locations from Lockheed-Martin;
Images from SolarMonitor; GOES data from NOAA/SWPC; CME data from ROB/SIDC;
AR location plot by Raben Systems; Synoptic plot from STEREO Science Center;
Coronagraph movies created using the CDAW Database at NASA/GSFC)

(Context image normally SDO AIA 193Å – others used if non available)

Visit the Help Page for information on plotting light-curves,
flare locations or coronagraph movies over different time intervals.

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Flaring Probability by Active Region (NOAA/SWPC)
Forecast for: 25-Jul-2014
AR No. C Class M Class X Class Proton
12119 5% 1% 1% 1%
12121 20% 1% 1% 1%
12122 10% 1% 1% 1%
12123 25% 1% 1% 1%
(Forecast issued at ~2200 UT on previous day)

Observed Flares by Active Region (SOARS & LMSAL)
AR No. C Class M Class X Class Total
N/A 1 0 0 10
(AR locations: NOAA/SWPC) (Totals for all flares ≥A class)

Recent Flares (NOAA/SWPC, LMSAL & SOARS)
Date X-ray Class AR No./Loc.
2014/07/24 01:40 C2.1 N09E60
(Only flares ≥C class are listed)

Recent Halo CMEs (SIDC: CACTUS)
CME Start Onset (early/late) PA dA Vel.
2014/07/22 18:00 2014/07/25 23:26
2014/07/27 20:11
298 118 0440
2014/07/20 03:24 2014/07/24 07:48
2014/07/25 08:54
068 114 0376
(PA measured counter-clockwise from N)