HELIO SolarSoft Documentation

Using the HELIO Object Code

Define times and instruments

The hio_setup Object allows you to look at light curves and event lists to establish a time interval, select a set of instruments and then retrieve the list of URLs
  hio_setup = obj_new('hio_setup')
First you need to establish a base time interval – the overall interval that you are interested in
  hio_setup -> set_basetime				; uses times defined in presets
  times = ['15-Jan-2005','23-Jan-2005']
  hio_setup -> set_basetime, timerange=times
Note that if you have not set a base time you will be asked to define one when you try to plot, select an event, etc.

You can plot a light-curve that covers the base time interval and use cursors to select the time interval that you will use in the search

  hio_setup -> plot					; default to GOES X-rays
  hio_setup -> plot, /proton				; GOES protons
  hio_setup -> plot, /both				; GOES X-rays and protons
  hio_setup -> plot, /ace				; ACE in-situ data

  hio_setup -> select_times				; use cursors to define a time interval
You can load an event list and compare it to the light-curve; selecting an event defines a new time interval for the search
  hio_setup -> load_eventlist, /choose			; [,/cme] [,/flare] select the list you want
  hio_setup -> load_eventlist				; default to GOES X-ray event list
  hio_setup -> load_eventlist, name='goes_proton_event'

  hio_setup -> select_event				; select the event you want
It is possible to refine which type of event list that you want in a similar way to the HEC Web GUI.
  hio_setup -> load_eventlist, /choose  [,/cme][,/flare][,/particle]
  hio_setup -> select_event
Select the instruments that your are interested in
  hio_setup -> select_instruments			; select from long list
  hio_setup -> select_instruments, /widget		; select using widget to refine type

Other Context Information

The HELIO Context Service (CXS) can be use to produce aditional contect information. This is generate for the start of the selected time interval.
  hio_setup -> show_context				; over-plots flare on context image

  hio_setup -> show_context,/parker [,vel=750]		; plots Parker Spiral and planets

Retrieve a list of Observations

Once the time interval and selection of instruments have been extablished it is possible to retrieve the obervations using the Data Provider Access Service (DPAS).

Retrieve list of observations that match time range and instrument selection after first checking what has been selected.

  hio_setup -> summary					; check on time range and instruments
  filelist = hio_setup -> get_filelist()		; output the list of URLs 
Alternatively you can call the DPAS access routine on its own
  times = hio_setup -> output_timerange()
  oinst = hio_setup -> output_instruments()
  filelist = use_dpas_idlapi(timer=times, req=oinst)

R.D. Bentley
July 2011