HELIO SolarSoft Documentation

Addressing individual HELIO Services

Services used in the Search (HEC, HFC, ICS, ILS, UOC)

These Services are base on relational databases using either MySQL or PostgreSQL. The requests to the Services are in two parts:
  • A routine that formulates the command – a different routine is used for each Service with a name of the type hio_form_xxx_query
  • A routine the makes the request and returns the VOTable string, optionally converting it to an IDL structure – the same routine is used for all Services and is called ssw_hio_query
For the HEC, the syntax of the pair of commands is:
   times = ['20-jan-2005 00:00','22-jan-2005 04:00']
   query = hio_form_hec_query(timerange=times, listname=list)
   resp = ssw_hio_query(query, /conv)

Where the time range of interest and list name are specified.

For each of the routines that formulates the request, there are some standard commands:

   /show_tables                      – this switch returns all the tables in the service 
   /describe_table, listname=list    – this combination returns the parameters of a table

  query = hio_form_ics_query(/describe,list='instrument')
  print, ssw_hio_query(query, /conv)

  print, ssw_hio_query(hio_form_ics_query(/describe,list='instrument'), /conv)
In trying to document the code I've just noticed some inconsistencies. For example, the HEC uses a keyword for the time range while the other services do not. I need to work out how to resolve this – in the mean time check the code...

Data Provider Access Service (DPAS)

With the DPAS you are making a reqest to adifferent type of service. The syntax of the commands are:
filelist = use_dpas_idlapi(required_obsinst=oinst, /presets)

times = ['1-nov-2003 19:00','2-nov-2003 09:00']
filelist = use_dpas_idlapi(required_obsinst=oinst, timer=times)
See the page ?? for the informaion about the /presets swicth.

R.D. Bentley
July 2011