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Below are some notes on how to use the IDL code developed for HELIO. The code is based on SolarSoft and at least the HELIO branch of the SSW tree must be installed in order to use the code.

Sheet No.: 3  –  Propagation Model Test


;    Create the HELIO SSW Object

helio = obj_new('hio_setup')

;    Extablish a time interval

helio -> set_basetime			; choose from predefined set of times

helio -> load_eventlist, /choose, /cme	; choose from available CME lists

helio -> select_event

;    Establish the base event for the propagation code and run it

helio -> propmodel_setup

helio -> propmodel_run

;    Compare the propaged times to ????

helio -> plot_delays, pwind=[15,20]		; defaults to ACE

helio -> save_struct,/delays,/html

helio -> show_context
helio -> show_context,/parker,vel=750

helio -> browser,/show_event		; if url available
helio -> browser,/solarmonitor

R.D. Bentley (UCL-MSSL)

Revised: 19-Jun-2014 18:00

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