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Below are some notes on how to use the IDL code developed for HELIO. The code is based on SolarSoft and at least the HELIO branch of the SSW tree must be installed in order to use the code.

Sheet No.: 4  –  In-situ data at 3 points

;    This example show how to plot the in-situ data are ACE and the STEREO Behind and Ahead
;    spacecraft. Event data from lists held in the the HEC showing the times of Stream 
;    Interaction Regions (SIR) are over-plotted on the light-curves. 

;    Create the HELIO SSW Object

hio_setup = obj_new('hio_setup')

;    Extablish a time interval

hio_setup -> set_basetime, timerange=times

;    Plot in-situ data for STA; load SIR event list and overplot

hio_setup -> plot, /insitu,/sta, win=20
hio_setup -> load_eventlist, name='stereoa_impactplastic_sir'
hio_setup -> show_event, /over, /all

;    Plot in-situ data for ACE; load SIR event list and overplot

hio_setup -> plot, /insitu,/ace, win=21
hio_setup -> load_eventlist, name='wind_ace_sir'
hio_setup -> show_event, /over, /all

;    Plot in-situ data for STB; load SIR event list and overplot

hio_setup -> plot, /insitu,/stb, win=22
hio_setup -> load_eventlist, name='stereob_impactplastic_sir'
hio_setup -> show_event, /over, /all


;    It is also possible to use low-level routines developed bu HELIO.
;    In this example, the solar wind velocity at the three spacecraft are compared.

window, 30, xsiz=600, ysiz=700, title='Multi-mission In-situ'

!p.multi = [0,1,3]


ace = rd_ace_insitu(times)
sta = rd_stereo_insitu(times,'STA')
stb = rd_stereo_insitu(times,'STB')

utplot, stb.time, stb.speed, yra=[200,800],/yst,/xst,psym=3, charsiz=2.0, $
	tit='STB', ytit='SW Speed (km/s)' ,xtit=''
utplot, ace.time, ace.speed, yra=[200,800],/yst,/xst,psym=3, charsiz=2.0, $
	tit='ACE', ytit='SW Speed (km/s)', xtit=''
utplot, sta.time, sta.speed, yra=[200,800],/yst,/xst,psym=3, charsiz=2.0, $
	tit='STA', ytit='SW Speed (km/s)'

R.D. Bentley (UCL-MSSL)

Revised: 14-Sep-2014 18:22

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